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Scott R. Byrd


Scott R. Byrd is the president of ROYAL GUARDSMAN SECURITY, LLC aka RGS serving the entire State of Texas. The company got its name from Scott's birthplace of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Mr. Byrd invented and patented the unique AC and solar powered Portable self-contained totally integrated electronic security and control system in 2015 under LexorCom, LLC as a means of eliminating the deficiencies of the human element, such as security guards, with the latest high tech electronic equipment to minimize collusion, provide forensic evidence for company policy compliance and/or criminal or civil prosecution, enforcement of company safety regulations and many other benefits. RGS's system leads the entire nation as being the most robust portable system in the security industry with the primary intention of deterring crime and decreasing their clients monetary losses due to theft and reducing on site accidents ensuring the highest level of safety compliance.


Scott was elected CONSTABLE of Tom Green County Precinct 4, Texas in 2008 where he served one term ending in 2012 when he began inventing and starting up RGS. Prior to that he was a commissioned (armed) security contract work for the US Air Force 17th Security Forces Squadron, Goodfellow AFB, Texas where he received the top civilian security contractor award.


Scott possesses a very diverse and creative background with experience in many various types of fields that enables him to draw on that experience when analyzing problems to find new and optimal technical solutions in almost any industry.


In 2016 Scott invented the patent pending “Precise Event Synchronized System” that electronically integrates an audible signal of any type activated by an official of a contest or competition such as a sporting event.  When the signal is initiated, say for instance a penalty, the precise time is embedded into a video recording of various camera views to determine upon replay if a call made by an official stands or is rejected.


In 1999 Byrd became aware of a world wide problem called MEDICATION NONCOMPLIANCE, “the Nation's Hidden Drug Epidemic” which cost the US economy at that time over $100 billion dollars a year. That inspired him to invent the MedAlarm System and started MedAlarm Systems, Inc. where he was CEO and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The MedAlarm System is an internet based system that tracks and controls the distribution of pharmaceutical prescription drugs by electronically linking the Patient, Healthcare Provider, Home Healthcare Provider, Insurance Provider, Pharma Manufacturer and Pharmacy into one seamlessly wireless network resulting in maximum accuracy and efficiency of the distribution and consumption of pharmaceuticals.  This would significantly reduce medication noncompliance while increasing patients health and lowering insurance costs.  It would provide Pharmas with the ability to conduct case studies on new drugs in and outside a controlled research environment.


In 1994 Byrd's artistic talents as a GRAPHIC ARTIST lead him to invent a method for engraving and carving fine crystal and architectural glass and started TOPGUN GRAPHICS. After mastering his skills he soon became the engraver for the US Air Forces Air Demonstration Squadron the Thunderbirds of the 57th Fighter Weapons Wing, Nellis, AFB, Nevada and their exclusive Official 50th Anniversary awards designer and engraver in 2003. His work is on proud display in the Thunderbirds Museum located on Nellis AFB, NV He has displayed and sold his work in most of the major casinos in Las Vegas including Caesars Palace, MGM Grand and Bally's. He also designed and engraved the US Navy's Air Demonstration Squadron the Blue Angels 50th Anniversary piece.  The PGA chose Scott to design and engrave the trophies for the Quad City Classic and John Deere Classic tournaments as well as various celebrity golf tournaments.  Famous movie actors like Harrison Ford and Chuck Norris possess some of his work too. Other clients of his included NASA, the Canadian Air Demonstration Team the Snowbirds, 8th Air Force, 14th Air Force, the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas A&M University. Scott's work can be found from coast to coast and around the world including Japan, Guam, Taiwan and the Kremlin in Moscow. His favorite work of all however was when the 14th Air Force Flying Tigers commissioned him to create the custom engraved crystal piece and paperweights USAF Major General David Vesely presented to Russian General-Lieutenant A.N. Perminov, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Soviet Rocket Forces and eight of his general officers on their visit to US Air Force Space Command, Vandenberg AFB, California in 1995 commemorating the Short Range Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Treaty between the United States and Russia.  Byrd was also honored to be chosen by the US Air Force to engrave crystal bowls to be presented to the 4 surviving members of the Doolittle Raiders at that time to commemorate their service and heroism in conducting that raid on Tokyo and the Japanese archipelago


His other experience includes PLANT MANAGER of SESCO, Inc. a manufacturer of small and large power distribution transformers based in San Angelo, Texas. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE OFFICER in Engineering at Ethicon, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson Company, where he was tasked with implementing J&J's 1st computerized inventory control and preventive maintenance system to comply with FDA regulations.  A Motorola communications TECHNICIAN, AIRCRAFT MECHANIC II for Mitsubishi Aircraft International Diamond II Jet Project, ELECTRICAN APPRENTICE, SOUND ENGINEER, VIDEOGRAPHER and MUSICIAN.


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